Customs Clearing Agent Guangzhou for Imported Chemicals

Seahog logistics, a professional agent of chemicals of China import customs clearance, import registration, import permit/license of chemicals. Our company has rich experience in handling customs clearing for chemical materials, paintings, dyes,resins and other chemicals from Japan, Korea, USA,Taiwan and other countries/regions.We can quickly handle complex products that involves lots of commodity names or has incomplete documents. Our team of experts creates high-efficient China import logistics and clearing solution for you.

Required documents for China customs Clearance of chemicals
Packing list, invoice, sales contract, Chinese msds, certificate of origin,

We can be China customs agent for below chemicals(but not limited to):

Chemical materials, chemical  ingredients, paints, additives, White Gasoline, powder coatings, detergents, air compressor oil, insulating mold coating, stoving varnish, resin, soft oil, dyes, glue, packing materials, chemical agents, curing agents, xylene, electroplating materials, thinners, adhesion agents, surface treating agents,  chemical reagents, antiwear hydraulic oil, color master, perfume, bleaching powder, titanium dioxide, 、PET、PVC、PP、ABS and many other chemicals.

We have over 16-year experience in handling customs clearance for chemicals, and chemical products. Thus, we can handle cargoes technically, seek for lowest costs for clients, and ensure fast customs clearance in a secured manner.

If you have any questions regarding chemicals import, please feel free to contact us.

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