Guangzhou Airport Customs Agent: Cognac with Unmatched Geographical Names was Detected

Recently, Guangzhou airport CIQ, when doing field inspection on a batch of Cognac imported from France, found that the Chinese label on the bottle showed that the place of origin was Juillac-le-coq, and the Additional name was Petite Champagne. According to AQAIQ 2009 number 117 announcement, the additional name for this place of origin can only be  Grande Champagne. Therefore, this batch of cargoes had a additional name that did not confirm to requirement of the announcement. The quarantine and inspection officer ordered that the owner of the cargoes to modify Chinese label and declare again. This is the first time that Guangdong ports found name of imported geographical indication products under protection did not conform to announcement requirements.
TO implement AQSIQ’s  announcement on geographical indication products and Guangdong CIQ document requirements, Guangzhou airport CIQ has taken below measures:
1.Confirm the varieties of geographical indication products, such as Cognac, Cognac grape spirits, Charente grape spirits, Scotland Whiskey and Champagne.
2.Do risk analysis and implement key inspection on related products imported via airports.
3.Carefully study AQSIA and make relevant work norms based on airport actual situation.
4.Strengthen business training
5.Implement key inspection on related products.

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