Guangzhou Customs clearing of Imported Chemicals-the Registration and the Document Requirements

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The registration of imported chemicals. Whether a chemical product needs registration before being imported in China depends on the relevant HS code. Not all imported chemicals need to do registration.

The materials required for registration of imported chemicals are as follows:
1.The application form –
2.Photocopy of applicant’s business license
3.Manufacturer’s statement on whether the subject chemicals contains poisonous and harmful substance
4.Ingredient list
5.Original labels and their Chinese label
6.Photos of the relevant chemicals

If the submitted materials are qualified, acceptance notice will be issued in five working days. And samples shall be then sent for test. The test result will come out in 15 working days. If the samples pass the test, the registration certificate of chemicals can be obtained in 3 working days.

The require documents for Guangzhou customs clearing of imported chemicals include msds, certificate of origin, sales contract, packing list, invoice and other relevant documents. For dangerous chemicals, it is required to packing certificate for dangerous chemicals.

The Guangzhou customs clearing of chemicals- the procedures
1.Document exchange after shipment arrivals- half a day
2.Declare commodity inspection and obtain bill of entry- two days
3.Declare customs and obtain tax bill – one to two days
Pay taxes, customs release – o