Beer Import Customs Clearance Agent in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Import Customs Clearance Agent for Beer

Contact Person:  Ms Mabel Xie
Skype: rosehill-yh
QQ/WeChat: 308704459

Established in 1997, Seahog holds a huge services network that covers 11 cities, including Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Suzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Hongkong and Chengdu.

As one of the largest China Import Customs Clearance Broker in China, Seahog has an expert team consists of over 300 employees of professional skills, and focuses on import logistics services, like import air and sea freight, China import customs clearance, import commodity inspection, relevant storage, documentation, CCIC inspection, registration, import and export rights, and trucking .

Products Seahog provide China customs clearance services for mainly include: machinery, logs, chemicals, cosmetics, food, and many other products, therein,

Machinery – for example CNC, CNC Punching Machine, instruments, apparatuses, textile machines, printing machines, injection molding machines, production lines,
Logs – for example, logs/timber/wooden products from Africa, South America, Southeast China,
Chemicals – for example all kinds of chemicals materials, finished chemicals, printing inks, paint,
Food – for example, red wine, olive oil, coffee, chocolate, mineral water, biscuits, beverage, fruit juice,
Other products – for example, yachts, art and crafts, sports products, tableware

Seahog has close cooperation with the leading shipping companies, such as COSCO, CSCL,WHL,  OOCL, ZIM, MSK, MSC, CMA,  Evergreen, Hanjin, APL,PIL, and so on.

Our Advantages of the largest China import customs clearance agent, have physical offices in 11 cities.
2.Have an professional team of over 300 employees that provides you convenient, fast and professional services
3.With over 17 years of experience, Seahog is able to provide you all kinds of actual import operation cases for your reference
4.Seahog offers you competitive prices and reliable services for you.
5.Seahog provides you solutions based on your specific needs.