Cashew Guangzhou Customs Clearance – The Required Procedures and Documents

SeaHog International Logistics Co., Ltd, focus on global to China door to door  import logistics, China import customs clearance, and relevant warehouse and delivery services. With over 15 years of operation experience, Seahog is able to provide different import solutions for enterprises of different size and nature, and varieties of products.

Cashew Import
Step one: do shipper and consignee registration at local CIQ before shipment arrival. Only with the registration number, can commodity inspection proceed. Please note that the consignee shall hold food circulation permit.

Step two: get required documents ready, such as invoice, packing list, sales contract, certificate of origin, health certificate, certificate of analysis, packing certificate, production date certificate, phytosanitary certificate. If the shipment involves wooden pallet, then the pallet shall have IPPC marking. Otherwise, certificate of fumigation shall be provided.

Step three:  do declaration
The declaration procedures: exchange document→commodity inspection declaration→obtain commodity inspection declaration number and bill of entry→do Chinese label registration→customs declaration→price examination→customs issue tax bills→importer pays taxes→customs inspection→customs release→move container supervision warehouse→draw samples,paste Chinese labels→move shipment to importer’s warehouse→wait for test result and Chinese sanitary Certificate

The required documents for Chinese label registration include original labels, Chinese translation of original labels, photocopy of dealer’s business license. CIQ has strict requirements for the making of Chinese labels of imported food. Our experienced team can help you design Chinese labels to save time for you.

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Malaysia Coffee Import Customs Clearance in Guangzhou and Port to Door Logistics

SeaHog professionally handle import customs declaration in China , global to China transportation, and warehouse and delivery in mainland China.

SeaHog, based in Shanghai, extends its services network to Hong Kong, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou, Tianjin, Ningbo, Xiamen, Qingdao, and Chengdu. Seahog has physical offices in the above-mentioned cities and employs over 400 staff .

In food import section, Seahog provides a full set of import services for companies of different sizes and individuals, including formal import customs declarations, Chinese label registration, commodity inspection, Chinese sanitary, warehouse, and transportation

white coffee

Just take a coffee import to demonstrate the detailed procedures of China customs clearance
1.Prepare shipment, and prepare required documents
2.Send materials to us for  shipper and consignee registration
3.Arrange shipment, and provide relevant documents
4.We exchange documents and declare commodity inspection and declare customs
5.Do Chinese label registration
6.Customs examines documents, issue tax bills; importer pays taxes; Customs inspection, Commodity Inspection
7.Move shipment to customs controlled warehouse, paste Chinese labels, and make appointment with CIQ officers for sample drawing
8.Move shipment to importer’s warehouse
9.Wait for test results, and obtain Chinese sanitary certificates

We handle imports of below food products all the year round
Fruit juice, beverage, tea, coffee, grape wine, alcohols and spirits, biscuits, potato chips, dry fruits,snacks, jams, olive oil, coffee bean,  cocoa bean,  seasonings and condiments, food materials, milk powders, and many other food products

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 British Beer Import Customs Clearance in Guangzhou – The Document Requirements and The Handling Fee

AS China customs has very strict supervision over food imports, the customs clearance of imported food always involves complex procedures. And it takes longer time, compared with import customs clearing of regular products. In this case, finding an experienced  customs broker in China means a lot – You will save time and costs.
A professional customs agent is the same important if you want to squeeze into the huge yet highly competitive beer market in China. . Seahog is a well-known company that has been specializing in import customs declaration in China. We are able to handle imported beer shipments in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin, and Dalian.

Below comes some basic knowledge on customs clearance of imported beer:

About document preparation:771f2b293de3dd2aa9c084636783_310_310.c1
1.Original labels, and their Chinese translation
2.The production process flow chart
3.Sales contract, invoice, packing list, BL
4.Health certificate-official document
5.Certificate of origin-official document
6.Certificate of analysis – by third-party lab, and with the lab’s signature and stamp
7.Bottling certificate – by the manufacturer
8.Production certificate – by manufacturer
9.If the shipment involves wooden packing, the IPPC mark should be shown on the packing. Otherwise, the shipper should provide certificate of fumigation.
About the import right

If your Chinese consignee does not hold import license, our company can owns.

Our Handling Charge Standard
RMB11500/container, including all except taxes, trucking, warehouse fee, and label pasting

To Know more about Guangzhou customs clearance of imported beer, please contact
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