Seafood and Aquatic Product Customs Clearance Broker in Guangzhou Airport

Seahog Logistics, with years of experience as a customs broker in Guangzhou, provides fast and low-cost customs declaration/customs clearance in Guangzhou airport for imported seafood. We handle the import of varieties of mid-end/high-end sea food originated in North America, Austria and Africa all the year. The varieties we handle include but not limited to lobster from Canada, lobster and Bee Shrimp from USA, lobster and Mantis Shrimp from southeast Asia, jumbo crab, Spanner Crab, Panopea abrupta, blood cockle, astarte, salmon, and grouper.

Crab-Xie Guang Long-2

1.The note for sea food and aquatic product import
First of all, the importer shall check if the sea food/aquatic product to be imported is listed in the our country’s access list of aquatic product. China has specific regulations imported articles in different categories. So it is very import to check it before importation. Second of all, the importer shall check the countries that are allowed to export the aquatic product to China.

Crab-Xie Guang Long-3

2.The import procedures of seafood and aquatic product

First of all find a professional China customs broker for seafood who will guide you how to prepare required documents. When the goods and documents are ready, the shipping can be arranged. After shipment arrival, the broker will proceed to declarations. Seahog provides warehouse and trucking so you can simply wait at home for the seafood.

Tanzania Crab-Xie Guang Long-1

3. The note for customs clearance of seafood
。Timeliness is the key for customs clearance of seafood. And Seahog is able to get the customs clearance done within one day as long as the required documents are correctly provided.

4.The required documents for seafood customs clearance in China
– certificate of origin
– health certificate
– sales contract, invoice, packing list, and bill of lading

5.The required qualifications of the Chinese consignee or its customs broker
– the business license for seafood/aquatic product
– the import right
– the quota (for some specific seafood)
Seahog holds all the above qualifications and can borrow to clients who do not have.

Pictured is the Tansania crabs we handled

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Guangzhou Customs Broker For Imported Olive Oil from Egypt

Seahog Logistics provide customs clearance in China for imported olive oil. With years of experience as a professional China customs broker, we guarantee competitive prices and fast handling. Below we share some basic knowledge of importing olive oil to China

Egypt Olive Oil Import Customs Clearance Procedures
1.Get manufacturer of olive oil, shipper and consignee registered at local CIQ, and obtain registration numbers.
2. Do Chinese label registration – the application form, Chinese label(s) designed in accordance with GB7718-2004 General Principles for Pre-Packed Food Labels, original label(s) and their Chinese translation,proof materials that reflect specific natures of the products.
2.Declare commodity inspection at CIQ, and obtain bill of entry.
3.Declare customs and pay import taxes after the tax bill is issued
4.Customs release
5.Inspections and draw samples for testing
6.Move the shipment to customs controlled warehouse for label pasting
7.If the test results show the products are qualified, CIQ will issue  Chinese Sanitary Certificate with which the products can be then sold in China legally.

The required documents for customs clearance in Guangzhou
1.Certificate of origin
2.Health certificate(also called Sanitary Certificate, or Certificate of Free Sales)
3.Phytosanitary certificate
4.Bottling date certificate
5.Packing list, invoice, sales, contract, BL
6.Original labels and their Chinese translation, and the designed Chinese labels
7. Ingredient Analysis Report by third party Lab
8.automatic import license for imported olive oil – we will help to obtain


The Import Duty for Imported Olive Oil
virgin olive oil:HS code 1509100000, import duty 10%, VAT 13%.
Refined Olive Oil: HS code 1509900000, import duty 10%, VAT 17%

Guangzhou Customs Broker for imported olive oil from Spain, Greece, Italy, Australia, Korea, Tunisia, Egypt,USA, Chile, Turkey,Germany and other countries and regions

Our services are also available in Tianjin, Qingdao, Chengdu, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Hong Kong.


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Guangzhou Huangpu Port Customs Clearance for Iran Pistachio and Other Imported Nuts

Seahog Logistics,  one of the largest China customs brokers in China provides customs clearance in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian for various of dry fruit and nuts such as pistachio from USA and Iran, walnut and Pecans from USA, cashew from India, Brazil, and Vietnam, macadamia nut from Australia and Hawaii, and almond from Spain and USA. Handling hundreds of food imports monthly, Seahog is very familiar with the customs clearing of nuts, and thus is able to get the relevant procedures done faster.


Required documents for nuts import declarations in China
1.Certificate of origin
2.Phytosanitary certificate
3.Sales contract, invoice, packing list, BL
4.Health certificate
5.Original labels, Chinese translation of original labels, Chinese labels – (for pre-packed nuts)

Some Notes
-if the importer wants to enjoy conventional tariffs, the original certificate of origin and original manufacturer invoice must be provided.
– the period of validity of certificate of origin is one year from the issuing date. The importer can not enjoy the conventional tariffs if the period of validity expires
– goods that have arrived at the port for one month or longer can not enter bonded zone
– all food imports shall obtain entry bill for customs declaration.
– CIQ will draw certain samples of each type of food for testing. If the samples are up to China National Standards, CIQ will issue the Chinese Sanitary Certificate – without which, the imported food can not be sold legally in China.

Our commitments for Customs Clearance of Imported Nuts
1.We can complete customs clearance in 4 working days
2.We provide Chinese label registration services and get it done in 7-14 days depending on the label quantity
3.We can obtain Chinese Sanitary Certificate for client within15 working days or faster in special circumstance.

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