How Long It takes A Guangzhou Customs Broker to Get Scented Candle Cleared

Seahog Logistics provide professional customs clearance in Guangzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Chengdu, Beijing for aroma products, scented candle, aromatherapy candle, reed diffuser, aromatherapy oil, room perfuming preparations, scent film, Air Freshener, aroma beads,  Sachets , fragrance Lamp.


The operation flow
Prepare required documents- invoice, sales contract, and invoice → document exchange, obtain DO for customs declaration→commodity inspection declaration,customs declaration→obtain tax bills, pay taxes→ inspections → customs release.

The HS codes and the import tax rates for aroma products   
aromatherapy candle,scented candle 3406000090, import tax 10%, value added tax 17%
Reed Diffuser, Aromatherapy oil, Car aroma, Room perfuming preparations, scent film, 3307490000,import tax 10%, value added tax 17%
Air Freshener, arama beads Sachets 3307900000,import tax 9%, value added tax 17%

How far we can get the customs clearance done?
-2-3 working days if the required documents are correctly prepared and China customs has no doubts about the declared prices

What documents are required for carpets customs clearance in China?
-invoice, packing list, sales contract and bill of lading

Seahog can answer your questions regarding the importation before shipment and  provide you with cost effective solutions. We know and understand how frustrating the importation will be and how it will be costly to your business if the customs clearance in China is not handled well. We take good care of every step of customs clearance, and ensure clients smooth and fast clearing experience. We also offer trucking and warehouse across China, and we  provide import title and import right for individual importation or foreign export that has no consignee company in China.

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SeaHog Logistics-Since 1997
Expert Customs Broker in China
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