Expert Customs Broker in Guangzhou Airport for Fresh Flower

Seahog logistics provide  fast customs clearance in Guangzhou airport for imported fresh flowers from all over the world. Fresh flowers, as a fast-consuming product and a non-regular cargo, need to be cleared within the same day they arrive in the airport, which requires the China customs clearance agent of fresh flowers is experienced and highly efficient.

Fresh Flower Import-2

How quick seahog can get customs clearance done for fresh flower?
– roughly 3 hours

Seahog’s suggestions for documentation preparation, flight booking , trucking arrangement to ensure smooth and quick importation of fresh flowers.

1. Make packing list, sale contract, and invoice in advance and indicate variety , color of fresh flower on these documents accurate.  This is very important.
2. Ask the supplier obtain phytosanitary certificate and certificate of origin based on the order. Before shipping, it is suggested send all required doc to your customs broker in China so as to ensure they are corrected prepared.
3. We, as the customs broker in Guangzhou airport, make bill of entry one day before shipping so we can send relevant data to customs immediately when the shipment arrives  and thus speed up customs clearance .
4. Each single fresh flower import shipment needs to accept sample drawing, inspection and quarantine.
5. Book Refrigerator truck one day in advance for in-time deliver and to protect flower quality.
6. Bundle the fresh flower well and put them into cartons.
7. Book appropriate fight wtih E.T.A. 6:00 PM in China, which will good for customs clearance.

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SeaHog Logistics-Since 1997
Expert Customs Broker in China
Contact:Ms Mabel
Skype: rosehill-yh
QQ/WeChat: 308704459

We also provide fast customs clearance in Guangzhou airport for fresh fruits, fresh sea food, frozen sea food,  and pasteurized milk . Our  services in this field are also available in , Shenzhen airport, Shanghai airport, and Beijing airport  Welcome to send us inquiry.


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