Guangzhou Airport Customs Agent For Stuck DHL/TNT/Fedex/UPS Parcels

Seahog Logistics, the expert customs broker in China, provide fast customs clearance service in Shenzhen airport for courier shipments that are stuck by customs and needs a broker with import and export right to help do formal declarations. We have rich experience in handling stuck shipments shipped by international couriers DHL, TNT, Fedex, UPS, EMS, SF and we guarantee the handling speed and 100% successful rate.

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SeaHog Logistics-Since 1997
Expert Customs Broker in Guangzhou
Contact:Ms Mabel
Skype: rosehill-yh
QQ/WeChat: 308704459

How long it takes to get stuck courier shipments cleared
-two working days after required docs and info are well prepared and confirm.

Why courier shipments will be stuck?
– the shipment contains too many items
– the shipment value exceeds the limit of personal postal articles
– dishonest info on the attached invoice and is detected by China customs during inspection

What you should do when being informed the shipment is stuck?
Find an experience customs broker in China

What are the basic required docs and info
– courier way bill and the attached invoice
-goods info, such as HS codes,  commodity name, brand, usage, model.
-Commodities  under different categories has different HS codes, and thus the required declaration info and docs may be different. But  no worries,  we will help to locate and confirm the proper HS code based on the info provided by client and sort out the declaration docs.

Our services for r DHL/TNT/Fedex/UPS/EMS/SF Shipments s available across China, for example, Shenzhen airport, Shanghai Pudong airport, Guangzhou airport, Beijing Airport and so on. Welcome to contact us for inquiry, we will response and handle fast as you expect.


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