Operation Flow and Documentation for Customs Clearance of Second-Hand Equipment in Guangzhou

Operation Flow
-Document Preparation and Checking –> Pre-shipment inspection in Singapore –> Export –> customs clearance In Guangzhou–> Delivery

Operation Time — Our company will handle the whole process
1.Pre-shipment inspection certificate of imported used mechanical and electrical products: around 10-15 days
2.Counter-sign and verification of the pre-shipment inspection certificate: around 3-5 days(will be processed simultaneously with step 3)
3. Local pick up and export declaration, sea freight to Destination Port: –
4.Document exchange,commodity inspection declaration, CIQ inspection, obtain entry bill: around 3-5 days
5. Customs declaration, price verification, customs inspection(authentication), customs release: around 7-12 days
6. Pick up container(s), delivery to destination place, return empty container(s): around 1-2 days
7. Consignee company declare to local CIQ and make appointment with them for visiting their factory and examining the equipment.


The Required Documents for Importing Used Mechanical and Electrical Products
1. Buyer: Business license, organization code, customs declaration registration certificate, commodity inspection declaration registration certificate; – photocopy with official seal
2.Seller: Commercial registration certificate, equipment storage address, and contact info(name, telephone, mobile phone, email address); – to coordinate pre-shipment inspection on filed
3.Equipment photo: whole equipment photo, name plate photo, right and left side photo
4.machine list: commodity name(s), HS code(s), model(s), place of production, year of production, manufacturer, quantity, value, and new and old condition
5.user’s manual of machine: functions, usages, working principles, components, technical specifications, and so on
6.Sales contract
7.-Packing list, contract, invoice, payment bank slip, original factory invoice; – provided before shipment arrival.

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